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Tim Moser

The Daily Momentum

A longtime coach and leader, Tim Moser has been the bud of many success stories. His unparalleled commitment to his team has helped shape and inspire his players for years upon end.

As both a coach and mentor to his players, Tim Moser adheres to his 5 simple values. For Moser, each value is equally important to teach your team, and in doing so you’llt build strong, winning characters time and time again.


Young men and women need to learn the importance of working well with others.


Young men and women need to learn that possessing self-discipline is critical for any potential successes in life.


Young men and women need to understand that hard work overcomes most shortcomings and is the foundation of all successful people and organizations.


Young people need to understand that the secret to happiness is possessing the spirit to serve others.


Young men and women need to understand that they all possess the ability to influence others and that everything rises or falls on leadership.

Being a leader both on and off the court is of utmost importance to Tim Moser. Throughout his career, Moser has found that in order to achieve greatness as a leader, you must be willing to commit to ten fundamental attributes. 


When a leader’s words do not match his/her actions – they will lose their ability to influence effectively.

Ability To Possess Foresight

Leaders need to be strategic and possess the ability to adapt when obstacles arise.


Leaders need to be real and honest with their followers.

Effective Communicator

Leaders need to be able to communicate their vision, mission and potential changes to both, to everyone involved.

Practice Humility

Leaders need to have the ability to listen to others and admit when they are wrong.


Leaders need to have an understanding and expertise to guide their team to success.


Leaders need to care about their team before they can truly influence them

Willingness To Learn

Leaders need to be life-long learners and grow their leadership toolkit.

Ability To Assess & Critique

Leaders need to evaluate and learn from the positives and negatives.


Leadership is about serving others.