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New Years is a time of celebration, but it’s also a time of reflection for many people. It’s a time to make new vows for the future, whether they are losing weight, getting a better job, or going back to school. However, it can be hard to make a New Year’s resolution that lasts. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to make sure you stick to your plans for 2018.

When making a goal, it’s important to make sure that it’s reasonable and attainable. For example, if you weigh 250 pounds, it may not be realistic to get your weight down to 160 pounds in a few months. Instead, it’s important to focus on incremental goals instead. Trying to lose one to two pounds a week is an attainable goal for many people.

If your resolution is to quit drinking, it’s a good idea to understand that cold turkey may not be the best way to go. Alcohol, like any other drug, can be very addictive. However, alcohol addiction doesn’t just take place on a mental level. Alcohol addiction takes place on a physical level. If you’re a heavy drinker and try to quit suddenly, you may experience a condition known as delirium tremens. This condition is characterized by seizures, heart palpitations, and other serious symptoms. In some cases, alcohol withdrawal can even be deadly.

Instead of quitting cold turkey, consider reducing your alcohol intake gradually. There are also medications, such as valium, that can be used to taper down from high levels of alcohol consumption. If you are a heavy drinker, always talk to your doctor before making the decision to quit. He or she can help you safely reduce your level of alcohol consumption.

Finally, many people have exercise goals for the new year. When setting exercise goals, it’s a good idea to start with reasonable ones. For example, walking a mile a day is a great beginning to a healthier life. There’s no need to run a five-minute mile when you’re first starting out. By pacing yourself, you’ll reduce your risk of getting burned out trying to reach an excessively ambitious goal.

Most important of all, it’s essential to understand what’s right for you as an individual. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits.