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One of the single most difficult tasks of life we face is to stay positive when times get tough. Everyone will experience this in life whether it be losing a job or a loved one, a setback can put your mind in a bad place. How to get out of that negative mindset is a process much easier said than done. There are ways to protect your mind and motivation when hit in tough times that life throws at you.


Expect Disappointment

Preparation is key, the same with motivation. Realists tend to handle difficult life problems because they are aware that they happen and have probably thought of how they would react once they happen. Think critically about yourself and how you would react if you lost your job or were in the hospital for an indefinite amount of time. Think about the ‘what-ifs’ but not to the point your mind is constantly consumed by anxiety over fear of the unknown. Take the time to connect with your inner monologue regarding difficult situations.


Shifting Mindset

Same with preparation, perspective is key. A shift in perspective from viewing an obstacle to viewing the problem as an opportunity is a method to grow instead of stagnating. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the unexpected, take them as unexpected opportunities to grow and learn something new. This is an opportunity to grow your skill set as an emotional, logical thinking individual.


Reserve Motivation

Always have motivation in your back pocket for when times get tough. It is said that finding avenues to maintain daily motivation will come into play when times get difficult. Whether you meditate or read on a daily basis, you are adding to that personal motivation “vault”. You are practicing motivational coping even when you do not need it, so when you do, you have the tools to manage your mental state during the difficult time. Helping others in need is another to motivate yourself through gratitude. It may also take your mind off of the problems you are currently facing.

It is not easy to stay motivated, especially when life is challenging you with situations that evoke strong emotional responses. Be strong and take control of your mindset. That is how to navigate through difficult times and come out of them a better individual.