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It’s possible to turn yourself into a morning person. Yes, you read that correctly! Even the most heavy-lidded night owls can turn themselves into cheery, chipper morning people. The trick is in the routine, so here are just a few tips for hitting that motivated place and staying there all day long.


  1. Get Up An Hour Earlier

No one has a good day when they roll out of bed and dash to the door with their work clothes half-on and a piece of toast hanging from their mouth. Instead of stressing yourself out before your day even begins, get up an hour before you have to be anywhere. This will give you time to get physically and emotionally prepared for what lies ahead.


  1. Choose a Motivational Quote for the Day

This will take a little-advanced preparation, but it’s a great way to get yourself in a proactive and successful mindset. Put together a list of inspirational quotes on your computer or even on your wall. Then choose one each morning that speaks to your current mood or ambitions.


  1. Get Moving

You don’t have to jog a thousand miles before breakfast. In fact, you don’t have to jog at all. A simple stroll around the neighborhood will be enough to clear your head and get your heart pumping. You might also try yoga or a basic exercise routine at home.


  1. Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

Maybe it’s a cup of really expensive coffee. Maybe it’s a good song that you only allow yourself to play in the mornings. The details of this step don’t really matter; what’s important is that you have some kind of reason to get out of bed. It can be as simple or as luxurious as you want.


  1. Establish a Routine

Last but certainly not least, give yourself a structured routine in the mornings. Not only will this keep you from wasting time or being late for the day’s activities, but it will also provide its own motivation. Once something becomes a habit, skipping it will feel just plain wrong. You’ll want to follow the intricacies of your routine so that you won’t be off-kilter.

These are just a few steps to creating a great morning routine. If you’re struggling for motivation or just hoping to quit clocking in late to work, let these tips guide you towards happier, healthier and more productive mornings.