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The mere thought of failure can evoke feelings of helplessness and defeat. Failure can drain every bit of energy out of you because you can put so much energy into the idea of the success. The idea of failure can be much more difficult when hard work, strategy, and passion come into play. Yet, failure is an essential component of life. It is how you handle and manage your failure that makes it define how you succeed.

We all know the classic example of the failure stories from Abraham Lincoln’s life. How he lost many family members, attempted to run a business, and ran for public office multiple times, even Congress, and lost. Even with these many setbacks in his political career, he still managed to succeed as a president.


Failure as Motivation

Failing can put a massive halt on your motivation to continue your efforts to succeed. For example, in school, you may have experienced failing a test. You work hard, spending an hour or two studying for the exam, and you happen to receive a failing grade. Your efforts in growing your knowledge for the test fell short so you begin to feel defeated. This is a moment when failure can consume you and hold you back from trying again. For some, a failing grade can drain your motivation. When handling a “failure” your first initial thought should be directed, past your initial emotional response, to how you can improve and succeed.

Begin to break down your process and areas where you can improve. Do you really believe you did your best? Even if you did, are there certain things you would have changed? Analyzing what you did and how to do it better is a great way to begin to grow from your failure. Your ability to actually do the given subject is not hindered, it is your emotional, innate response to going through the process again. Your feelings hold you back from wanted to try again. Your abilities may not what be lacking, it may be your attitude, emotional response or your willingness to improve. A positive attitude is a key to success. Defeat should not be a solidified mindset, it should push you to do better.