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We all face moments when we feel uninspired. What you do to get reinspired is how you continue to create and reignite the motivational spark. Inspiration can come from many different places, sometimes in the most unexpected places. Here are some ways to reignite your spark inspiration when you feel you are drained of all of your creative or motivational energy.


Fight Back

Your inner monologue may enjoy this new sluggish state of mind because it is comfortable not challenging yourself. When your mind is stuck in a non-active state, it is difficult to begin to get it working again. There are some simple ways to get your brain-reactive. Start by slowing down your minds thoughts, almost to a meditative state. Take slow, deep breaths and confront your inner dialogue. Begin to break away from the lazy mindset and find a mantra that moves you to action. Doing is much more positive than not doing anything. Become aware of the voice in your mind telling you to sit and watch television for the evening.


Into Action

It is important to become aware of your setbacks but also not to get stuck in the thinking process. Go into action! Find new ways to get up and moving. Whether this is walking, running, or dancing, putting your body into action forces your brain to get into action as well. This allows for your mind to work and find that inspiration – what drives you. A simple walk every other day can push your mind out of stagnation.


Find a Friend

If you are having trouble pulling your mind out of an uninspired trance, find someone who can help push you out of that mindset. You may even find inspiring qualities from them during your conversation. As well, physically speaking out loud things that are on your mind is another way to get them out. Hearing yourself speak why you are lacking inspiration is also helpful. They also may help you get some insight into why you are feeling uninspired and some ways to get you out of your rut. A trusted friend’s advice can go a long